Dear Patient,

NHS Near me is  a video consultation you can attend from your home, or wherever is convenient. By clicking on the link below, that will take you to a “Start Call” Button. You can use a device that makes video calls like a Smartphone or Tablet. You need to have “Chrome” installed on your device, unless it is an Apple device, in which case “Safari” will run the program.

For further information and a demonstration please click this link

Once you have pressed “start call” you will be taken through a series of tests and checks. The first is usually a connection speed test. If this is satisfactory, you may then be asked to test your Microphone and camera and then enter your personal details. These are the details which will appear in the virtual waiting room, where the clinician will pick up the call from. Once you have done this the next page displays important information for you to read, and to accept the terms and conditions. You will then be placed in the waiting area until the Clinician picks up your call.

Please do not enter the waiting area unless you have a pre-arranged Near Me Appointment as your call will not be answered. You can make a Near me appointment by calling the surgery in the normal way.

Please click the appropriate link below to start your Near Me video consultation

Near Me Info / Demo Start Near Me

NHS Near Me

Start Near Me Physio